Designer Portfolios

Designer Referral Program


A Designer can:

  • Save you time, money and headaches.
  • Help you avoid costly mistakes.
  • Create a custom look that reflects your style and personality
  • Offer creative solutions for your project.
  • Give you confidence to try something new.
  • Provide space planning and project management.
  • Recommend vendors, contractors and craftsmen to complete your project.
  • Introduce you to an unparalleled array of products not available elsewhere.

Designer Referral Program:

  • Complimentary matchmaking service.
  • Discover what an interior designer can do for you without obligation.
  • You may select a designer from the Designer Portfolios and contact them directly for an appointment.
  • All offer a one-hour complimentary consultation so that you may interview them and discuss your project.
  • Or, you may also come to the Denver Design District to review the designer portfolios with a member of our staff who will personally assist you with your match based upon your style and project scope and explain the design process. Call 303-282-3234 to set an appointment.

Interviewing an Interior Designer:

  • Discuss your vision for your project and the scope (large or small).
  • Bring magazine photos that demonstrate your style, ideas, likes and dislikes.
  • Discuss how the designer charges for his/her services.
  • Discuss your lifestyle and use of the space.
  • Discuss your budget and priorities.
  • Discuss the services provided by the designer and how those meet your needs.
  • Ask about the designer’s qualifications, professional affiliations and past projects. Review their portfolio.
  • Ask for references.
  • Interview several designers if you wish. Do your personalities match? It is important that you feel personally comfortable with your choice.

Designers in the Designer Portfolio Program:

  • These designers do not work for the Denver Design District. They are independent business owners. The Denver Design District is therefore not responsible for their services, fees or performance.
  • They have been selected and approved by the showrooms based on their ability, integrity and professional history.

How Designers charge for their services:

Each designer determines their own fee structure which may vary depending upon the project or may be a combination of the following:

  • Hourly fee plus percentage over cost of purchase
  • Hourly fee alone
  • Percentage over cost of purchase
  • By the project depending upon the scope and services needed

This is an important conversation with any designer you are considering hiring.